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23 Jan

A Critical Juncture: South Sudan's security amidst a tenuous peace deal

Organized by:Secretariat of the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law
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A South Sudanese perspective

Three professors from South Sudan will provide their reflections on the current intricacies of South Sudan’s security sector in the context of an unpredictable peace agreement.

After six years of conflict, the young nation is poised at a critical juncture, mid-way through the 100-day extension of a ceasefire agreement that hopes to lead to naming a unity government. While the internal borders and national identity of this nascent state are still being (violently) contested, processes of statebuilding, comprehensive security and nationbuilding are not simply abstract challenges. They are actual lived experiences for these visiting scholars, who are eager to share their research on: building an inclusive security sector; military economy of SSR in South Sudan; and the current peace process.

This public event, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Dutch Embassy in Juba, and the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law, will provide an unparalleled view into how South Sudanese experts themselves are analyzing the current situation.

15:30 -  Opening remarks

  • Janet Alberda – The Dutch Ambassador to Juba

15:45 -  Addresses by three South Sudanese scholars

  • Dr James Solomon Padiet – Scene setting: implementation of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan 
  • Dr Abraham Kuol Nyuon – Reflecting on the specific context of the military economy of Security Sector Reform in South Sudan
  • Prof. Dr Samson Samuel Wassara – The complexities and domestic efforts of establishing an inclusive security sector in the context of polarized identities

16:45 – Moderated Q&A with the audience
17:30 – Borrel


Registration is mandatory to attend this event, and spaces are limited. Please register by contacting or clicking the button below.

Date & Location

The Panel will be held Thursday 23 January, in The Hague.

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04 Feb

“A Savage Order” with Rachel Kleinfeld

Organized by:Secretariat of the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law


What do you do when the foxes are guarding the henhouse? In the field of Security & Rule of Law much is known, assumed and discussed about interventions and programs that have been shown to improve justice or reduce violence and increase security. But, what can be done when violence has become part-and-parcel of a state’s political system? And how does a democratic state become increasingly complicit in violence? What can be done to bring societies back from the brink of entrenched violence?  These are some of the questions that Rachel Kleinfeld, senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, set out to explore when writing her book “Savage Order: How the world’s deadliest countries can forge a path to security”. 

In this book, Dr Kleinfeld reminds us that, while the language of “failed” or “fragile” states can provoke despair, there are important examples of societies that have emerged from entrenched violence, becoming stable democracies once again – and sometimes at a surprisingly rapid pace. What lessons can be learned from looking at settings where politically-enabled violence (referred to as “privilege violence” in the book) was eventually de-escalated and societies were able to build back social trust?   
The Knowledge Platform is honored to have a discussion with Dr Kleinfeld about her work, and to dig into what her findings might mean for how SRoL policy and practice can be improved, better attuned to realities on the ground. We look forward to discussing how ‘privilege violence’ comes about, how it can be recognized, and how it can be unraveled. The event also provides our community with an opportunity to critically discuss the assumptions underlying inclusive governance policies, civil society strengthening programs, and recent focus on ‘local resilience’ as pathways to stability. 


Dr Rachel Kleinfeld, is a Senior Fellow in the Democracy, Conflict, and Governance Program at The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CIEP). At CEIP she focuses on issues of rule of law, security, and governance in post-conflict, fragile states, and states in transition. She was the founding CEO of the Truman National Security Project, where she spent close to a decade leading a movement of national security, political, and military leaders working to promote people and policies that strengthen security, stability, rights and human dignity in the world.  


  • Gain a deeper understanding of how violence may be condoned and enabled by political actors and entrenched in democratic societies 

  • Reflect on what can be learned from countries that have emerged from these  patterns of entrenched, state-complicit violence 

  • Discuss how current trends in SRoL thinking could be critiqued in light of these findings, and what such critique could offer for improving SRoL policy and programming. 


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26 May

"How to host a webinar" with Jack Farrell

Organized by:Secretariat of the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law

Join us for our first online kickoff event of a spring webinar series centered on innovative, online working in the time of COVID-19.

As the KPSRL moves its events and sessions online, we want our community to remain active in generating the content and setting the agenda. To help make that transition, we are offering the KPSRL network a 'crash course' in "How to Host a Webinar".

We are very excited to invite Jack Farrell, host of the DME for Peace weekly "M&E Thursday Talks" webinar, who has hosted over 100 live discussions. Jack will offer some tips and tricks to organizing and hosting an effective webinar, including how to structure your webinar, advice on webinar platforms, and how to facilitate online conversations with diverse audiences.

For security purposes, the link to the webinar will only be provided upon registation.


Registration for this event is now closed. Please e-mail if you have any questions. You can view the recording of the webinar below.

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15 Oct

Annual Conference 2020: Harnessing Potential

Organized by:Secretariat of the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law
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We have just released our program!

Download the timetables for the two day-conference here!

Timetable 15 OCT16 OCT

Scroll through program more in-depth to learn more about sessions and speakers here!


About the Conference

This year, the Annual Conference is a two-day online event that will bring together our vibrant community for a thought-provoking discussion. As in previous years, the Annual Conference brings together representatives from national and international governments and policy organs, think-thanks, journalists, INGO practitioners, activists, diplomats, and field researchers from around the globe. These diverse actors assemble with a singular aim: to present their latest projects and freshest ideas, and engage their peers to learn and improve security and justice policy and programs.

This year's theme is Harnessing Potential. The KPSRL Secretariat has come to recognize the value of mobilizing around promising ideas, new approaches, and catalytic innovations. Particularly in times when adversity appears to be mounting from every direction, it is essential to seize upon the creativity and ingenuity that difficult circumstances demand (and even inspire). With this in mind, the 2020 Annual Conference will channel our community’s collective energy to focus on those small, emergent possibilities that hold the prospect for large, sweeping changes.

Click here to download the full concept note.


Location (online!)

In light of COVID-19 and the implications that the pandemic has had on global health as well as (inter)national travel restrictions, the KPSRL Secretariat is hosting KPAC2020 entirely online this year. Our new virtual venue will allow everyone to navigate the program through one user-friendly interface via your web browser. The virtual venue has functions that recreate the spontaneous networking opportunities of an ‘in-person’ conference. You will be able to see who else is attending, invite direct connections, and even schedule spontaneous video meetings with other attendees. Suffice to say, it’s going to be a new kind of online-conference, and we’re excited to chart this new frontier with you, our SRoL community. 

To access the Quick Guide for our virtual venue, please click here. To read the comprehensive User Guide for our virtual venue, please click here. To watch the Video Tutorial, please click here.

Please click here for our Keynote Speaker & Featured Guests announcement.

Please click here to scroll through our KPAC20 Program.


Check out our welcome tutorial video of the virtual venue below!


Check out the video from last year below!




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