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Unboxing Localisation V - Inclusive Programming in Practice

  • This fifth Unboxing Localisation* session unpacked ways to include those affected into development programming, moving from consultation to leadership.
  • WIPC shared experiences in the realm of Transitional Justice, a logical entry point as those affected play a key role in finding solutions. WIPC provided them access (to other victims, to juridical knowledge and processes etc.), while these organizations shaped the content.
  • The Dutch MFA shared its struggles given its own positionality with identifying and accessing legitimate rightsholders. It does put efforts into e.g. translating documents, strengthening feedback loops, improving cultural sensitivity and building trust in longer term commitments.
  • In the discussion, various ideas came up such as: permanent dialogue frameworks with CSOs and victims organizations (or a cross-donor assembled pool of representatives), rethinking the role of overhead costs in participatory processes or taking livelihoods more into account if you want to enable local leadership.
  • For the follow-up to this trajectory, there will be a last Unboxing Localisation session co-organized by GPPAC in the coming months and a final document that distills key recommendations from the six sessions and pathways for follow-up.


*The trajectory is an initiative by the Civil Society Platform for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding (CSPPS), the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and supported by the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law (KPSRL). Earlier sessions were a kick-off event (session I), priorities within the wide scope of localisation (session II), financing and influencing (session III) and lastly measuring localization (session IV).

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