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On behalf of the Steering Group of the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law, we are pleased to announce that Laura Cools has joined the Secretariat of the Platform. As project officer, she will focus on substantive support to the Platform's activities. 

Just cities: the role of public space and everyday life

Much has been written about the importance of mobile phones and social networking in recent protesting around the globe, including the Arab Spring demonstrations, yet along with effective means of communication, occupying urban space was equally necessary and significant, says Dr. Wendy Pullan, Head of the Department of Architecture at the University of Cambridge and Director of the Centre for Urban Conflicts Research.

Addressing Root Causes Fund has been launched

Within the broader efforts of dealing with migration issues, The Netherlands works towards tackling the root causes of armed conflict, instability and irregular migration. Therefore, the Addressing Root Causes Fund (ARC) of €125 million for the 2016-2021 period is now open to applications from NGOs.

Towards civil-military dialogue in Colombia

Darynell Rodríguez Torres and Cesar Castaño  argue that, while the prospects of peace bring a positive outlook for Colombia, the prove of the pudding will be whether or not people will feel more secure once the peace treaty is signed. Developing a trusted relationship between civilians and the security forces will therefore be a key element in the construction of a more secure, democratic and just Colombia, free from fear, want and indignity.  

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