Upcoming events

  • Iraq Beyond 'Mosul': Avoiding the next conflict

    Registration required
    Organized by Conflict Research Unit of Clingendael Institute

    Themes: Governance and politics
    Tags: conflict prevention, Iraq, radicalization, reconstruction

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  • Registration required
    Organized by Saferworld

    Themes: Gender and conflict
    Tags: conflict analysis, gender , Libya, Myanmar, Yemen

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  • The Intimacies of Remote Warfare

    Networking activities

    Registration required
    Organized by Utrecht University - Centre for Conflict Studies

    Themes: Justice and security, Transnational threats

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  • Evaluating Employment for Stability

    Interactive brainstorm

    Registration required
    Organized by International Center for Security and Development

    Themes: Effective interventions, Stability and development
    Tags: employment and stability

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