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Mid-Term Review – Terms of Reference


The independent Mid-Term Review (MTR) is intended to inform the Secretariat’s implementation of the remainder of the current KPSRL contract (2021-2024) and the process of developing a post-2024 strategy for the KPSRL. The process of developing a post-2024 strategy will take place in Q3-4 of 2023 and falls outside of the scope this assignment but shall be informed by its findings.

The MTR will be divided into two phases.. Phase 1 will assess progress towards the project’s goal and outcomes as specified in the KPSRL’s project documents (with a focus on the theory of change [ToC] and the Results Based Framework [RBF]) and facilitate a discussion on the implications for future plans and actions. It should highlight early signs of project success and/or failure and unexpected outcomes. It will also focus on the process the Platform has followed, aiming to establish how and why certain results have been achieved (or not), and pinpointing specific learning about what has worked and what has not. This phase of the MTR will also involve a participatory sense-making process to validate the findings with key stakeholders. During phase 2, the evaluators will accompany the KPSRL Secretariat and its Consortium Partners in a process of revising the ToC and the RBF.

The application process is composed of an expression of interest (EoI), presentation and interview. The KPSRL Secretariat will select a maximum of three applicants based on the EoI and invite them to a short interview, where they will present their approach and answer any clarification questions.

The main criteria that will be used to evaluate the consultant(s)’s background are:
1. Experience with evaluations of networks, alliances, or communities of practice.
2. Experience with evaluations of projects and programmes whose primary aim is learning.
3. Experience with evaluations in the SRoL sector.
4. Experience with facilitation of processes of theory of change design.
5. Involvement of perspectives from FCAS countries. Diverse teams are strongly preferred.

The main criteria for evaluating the proposed approach and methods are:
1. Fit for purpose with the objective and scope of the evaluation.
2. Innovative character.
3. Credibility of findings based on the strength of evidence.
4. Ability to draw useful implications for the future through participatory sense-making.

In the Expressions of Interests (max 4 pages), please include:
1. An Expression of Interest of no more than four pages, including:

  • a. Team composition and why the proposed team has the experience and competencies to carry out the evaluation
  • b. Key elements of the proposed approach and methodology for phase I and II
  • c. The division of responsibilities in the consultant team
  • d. A budget (not exceeding EURO 29,000 for phase I and EUR 11,000 for phase II excluding VAT)
  • e. In an annex, two samples of written reports (it can be a link to published reports) and two references for similar assignments.

2. Professional CV(s) for all the proposed consultants (no more than five pages).

Please submit clarification questions to by 10 November 2022.

Please submit all documents to The deadline for submission is 23:59 CET on Wednesday 15 November 2022.

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