07 May

SIPRI Session: Still engaging, but differently: Shifting the power to locally-led peace initiatives

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On 7 May, KPSRL and PeaceDirect will host a session at SIPRI’s Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development titled “Still engaging, but differently: Shifting the power to locally-led peace initiatives.”

Despite a challenging international context, new behaviours, mindsets and ways of working are possible. These new ways can enable a renewed sense of solidarity beyond Global North/Global South binaries. 

This session will give participants space to build connections, reflect and reimagine donors’ and international non-governmental organizations’ engagement in supporting locally led peace and security efforts in fragile and conflict-affected settings. The participants will identify concrete recommendations to increase the ownership, effectiveness and sustainability of politically sensitive interventions. 

While conversations on power imbalances, global injustice and double standards can be overwhelming and even paralysing, this session aims to emphasize hope and the possibility of doing things differently, while taking into account donors’ political and organizational realities. 


If you are attending this invite-only conference, we hope to see you at the session!


Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, 118 25 Stockholm, Sweden