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KPAC20 Programs and Timetables


The KPSRL Secretariat and our KPAC20 Session Leads have been working hard to put together a diverse program for our Conference (just two weeks away)! This year's program is designed to encourage harnessing potential at any phase of development - from the first kindling of a radical new idea, to the tough but necessary process of submitting to scrutiny and honest critique, to the transformative stages of taking working models to scale. 

The session topics in our program span from exploring psychosocial healing in peacebuilding to measuring progress of transitional justice; from discussing the use of biometrics in counter-terrorism to gaining a deeper understanding about protecting our justice data; from an emphasis on justice for women to a focus on the environmental dimension of security and rule of law. Simply put, there's a session for every participant at KPAC20.

Virtual Venue

Our new virtual venue will allow everyone to navigate the program through one user-friendly interface via your web browser. The virtual venue has functions that recreate the spontaneous networking opportunities of an ‘in-person’ conference. You will be able to see who else is attending, invite direct connections, and even schedule spontaneous video meetings with other attendees. Suffice to say, it’s going to be a new kind of online-conference, and we’re excited to chart this new frontier with you, our SRoL community. 

So have a scroll through our program here, read some of the session descriptions that catch your eye and get to know some of the many interesting speakers involved in this year's Conference.

Download the timetables for both days of the Conference here.


Register now!

This year's Annual Conference on October 15-16 is right around the corner, so please make sure you register as soon as possible! Please note that in order to access the virtual venue and participate in any session at KPAC20, you must be registered for the overall Conference. Click here to register now.

To learn more about our Annual Conference, please click here.
To read about our Keynote Speakers, please click here.

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