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Introducing new Head of Secretariat


An introduction from Sever Džigurski

Dear KPSRL community,

I am very excited to join you on the quest of jointly exploring innovative approaches to emerging challenges in the field of security and rule of law! Before we get a chance to meet, let me share few words about me.

I grew up as a peace activist during the wars in former Yugoslavia. This experience has shaped up my life and career, and I have been committed to peace, community development, international cooperation, and organisational change ever since. I enjoy reading and writing by water, and you can often see me in nature, or catch me in the kitchen baking. I stand for feminist principles and love to observe, question, play and learn. I am passionate about meaningful participation, creative learning, critical analysis and social change processes.

Competencies I bring are particularly related to applied research, participatory approaches, process design and facilitation, knowledge management and learning. With my experience in networks and belief in the power of civic agency, I hope for our community to grow by amplifying voices from FCAS and appreciating community knowledges. Towards stimulating learning among us, I would love to share creative methods for inspiring and dynamic learning exchanges and co-creation of new knowledges. I am also excited to contribute towards making KMF more accessible with my understanding of different modalities of institutional and participatory grantmaking. I further seek to support the development of programmatic and cross-sector learning with my learning strategist and facilitation competencies.

I am motivated by my belief in collaboration, as well as the opportunities KPSRL creates for building meaningful bridges between policy, research and practice. I look forward to again getting closer to peace building, while utilising both thematic and methodological knowledges and experiences. It is also a privilege to join the network that openly explores asymmetries of power, and I’ll be thrilled to work with you on creating a new vision for SRoL sector.

As I’m coming from a background of community organising and local networks of solidarity, I primarily look to you along the journey of shaping the future of KPSRL. Expect to often hear from us and I hope to hear a lot from you! Feel free to reach out to me with your initiatives and ideas, or just to have a (virtual) coffee.

Best wishes,


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