Working on legitimacy in land governance; Training manual


This training manual is an output of ‘Grounded Legitimacy - Strengthening local land registration in conflict-affected northern Uganda’, a project of the Centre for International Conflict Analysis & Management (CICAM), Institute for Management Research, Radboud University Nijmegen and ZOA Netherlands, in collaboration with ZOA Uganda and GIZ-RELAPU Uganda.

This project explored how the Ugandan state legitimizes itself through decentralized land governance, and how interventions by development organizations to support local land registration feed into the legitimacy of the Ugandan state, as well as that of customary authorities. The project included ethnographic fieldwork in Nwoya and Soroti Districts of Uganda on the dynamics of legitimation around land governance and how development interventions feed into these. It also included a series of workshops that explored how development practitioners in northern Uganda actually strategize around legitimacy. This training programme builds on the experiences of these trainings, and includes examples from our own field-research. The fieldwork also inspired the story lines for the video-clips.

The programme and accompanying video-clips can be freely used, as long as credits are given to the authors. We appreciate your comments to further improve the training:

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