Women, Peace and Security: the current state of affairs

WO=MEN, Dutch NAP Partnership, and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The state of affairs document on Women, Peace and Security is based on the discussion papers that were presented at a brainstorm event at the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law. The document served as input for an international expert conference on 16 and 17 February 2015, to feed into the UN’s Global Study and the UN High-level Review process on Women, Peace and Security. The conference provided a platform for representatives from civil society organizations, governments, international organizations and academia, to exchange knowledge and develop national, regional as well as global recommendations on enhancing the Women, Peace and Security agenda.

The current report combines three discussion papers, which present a short state of affairs on:

- The security sector, women and peacebuilding;

- Participation of women in post-conflict processes such as state-building and peacebuilding; and

- Masculinities and the role of men in implementing the women, peace and security/ 1325

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