What Can We Learn About Corruption in Fragile States?

United States of America

CDA and Besa are initiating a learning-focused blog series to foster a space for conversation between actors working in the field of anti-corruption in fragile states. The goal is to explore systems-inspired strategies and tactics for changing corruption dynamics, and better means to analyse these dynamics in order to design innovative and effective programs.  Our contributions will be inspired by, but not limited to, the Central Africa Accountable Service Delivery Initiative (CAASDI) that we have been running for several years.

As we continue to examine our own thinking, we gladly welcome reflections and questions.  Your feedback will be part of the greater learning for this program. More frequent updates on our progress will be shared every few weeks on this blog, so please subscribe to stay tuned for our next post!

Besa: Catalyzing Strategic Change is a social enterprise committed to catalysing significant change on strategic issues in places experiencing conflict and structural or overt physical violence. CDA Collaborative Learning Projects (CDA) is a non-profit organization committed to improving the effectiveness of those who work internationally to provide humanitarian assistance, engage in peace practice, support sustainable development, and conduct corporate operations in a socially responsible manner.

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