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Transferring Information Between Victim Groups: Lessons Learned and Training Tools

Victim Advocates International
Bangladesh South Sudan,

From May to November 2020, Victim Advocates International (VAI), supported by the Knowledge Platform Security and the Rule of Law, facilitated groups of Rohingya victims of atrocities from Myanmar to produced short videos to share their experiences and advice with groups of victims of atrocities from South Sudan. The Rohingya groups engaged in this project have experienced significant successes in terms of gaining international recognition and support for their cause, and in building a sense of purpose amongst Rohingya communities and individuals displaced in Bangladesh.

This report describes the project, and examines what worked well, and what lessons were learned to make improvements for future iterations of this information-sharing exercise. The lessons learned may also be used by other organisations interested in transferring knowledge between community-based groups across two or more different countries. In addition to being relevant to victim groups, these strategies are likely to also be relevant to civil society groups, activists, human-rights defenders and other associations and individuals that are formed at the community level and who want to be listened to by an international audience.

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