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The United Nations "Peacebuilding Architecture": Past, Present and Future

Center on International Cooperation
United States of America

There is broad agreement that the United Nations "Peacebuilding Architecture" has failed to live up to the high hopes that existed when the 2005 World Summit agreed to establish the Peacebuilding Commission, Peacebuilding Support Office and the Peacebuilding Fund. This short paper examines why this is the case, and the options currently on the table to revitalize the institutions. We briefly review the initial logic and expectations of the insitutions, and sketch out the factors that have positively and negatively affected the peacebuilding architecture's impact both positively and negatively. We then assess the state of the debate, the options and the political capital and pathways leading into a planned 2015 review of the insitutions by the General Assembly and the Security Council. 

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