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Automatic Classifiers for Peace

Build Up

This project brought together peacebuilders, technologists and data scienties with a focus on the collaborative process of working on open source projects, software repositories and automated classification processes for social media analysis. Over the past nine months, Build Up has launched an open source community that can maintain and further the research and creation of AI-powered text classifiers for peacebuilding.

The automatic classifiers for peace group is an open-source community of researchers, organisations and individuals that are interested in aiding social media analysis through the automatic classification of social media discourse. This repository contains the experiments, documentation, tutorials and source code that the group has developed.

The ACfP repository is aiming to be a space/tools/platform that can allow for the sharing of work between different researchers and organisations that can collaborate in a way that is:

  • publicly visible
  • other people/organisations can easily join in
  • allows for the sharing of data in a way that fits the sensitivity of the data
  • allows for the formalisation of shared code that can lead to high-quality libraries
  • work towards products/classification models could be publicly used
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