Gender and conflict

The impact of war and the humanitarian crisis in Yemen from modern slavery

Middle East
Democracy School

Democracy School We are having a lively discussion about the manifestations of modern slavery in Yemeni society because of the war that has left a humanitarian crisis that has pushed many, especially women and children, to accept jobs in harsh conditions.
Yemeni laws do not address the reality of modern slavery, for example child labor and forced marriage of girls. Advocacy campaigns and pushing the community to put pressure on changing laws and combating modern forms of slavery in Yemeni society did not work.
The working paper I presented in this regard contributed to creating messages of “pain” by feeling the phrase “If I were in the place of the enslaved,” would you bear injustice? Short expressive videos, when those videos are distributed, will change the view of society.
The video carries a message, solutions, the ability to prevent and community intervention to prevent forced marriage, work in harsh conditions for children, combat violence against children, and monitor any cases of child recruitment.

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