Justice and security

Publication of "Toward a Rule of Law Culture: Practical Guide"

United States Institute of Peace

Today, many countries are struggling to effectively counter the effects of violent extremism, terrorism, ethnic and sectarian violence, and even full-scale civil war. Government efforts to bring an end to the violence can be highly reactive, short-sighted, heavily focused on security, and oftentimes themselves violent. Not only do these responses seem not to work, they may even fuel violent extremism, thus contributing to a cycle of violence.

 A different approach is needed, which is what makes this guide extraordinarily timely and valuable. The guide presents a sustainable and nonviolent approach to addressing today’s complex national and transnational threats. It provides a practical framework for tackling the root causes of the disaffection and dislocation that fuel the violence—root causes such as experiences of injustice, marginalization, and discrimination, and a breakdown of rule of law. It promotes what it calls the “rule of law culture approach,” which is an approach to creating stable, rule of law–based societies that is holistic, adaptive, systematic, and people-centric."



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