Stability and development

Public and private partners working together to add value to coffee from North Kivu (DR Congo)


Concept Note: Schluter, Solidaridad and ONC

Most coffee produced in the hill regions of North Kivu (DRC) is sold as standard commercial coffee without quality certification and/or regional branding. However, improved gross revenues and net margins on coffee farming and processing can be realised if the coffee sector in North Kivu would target high value niche markets with specialty and sustainable coffees.

Cooperation between Schluter, Solidaridad and ONC would contribute to the revitalization of the coffee sector in North Kivu. The current coffee production volume in the North East region of DRC is estimated at around 4,000 tonnes annually. However, no reliable statistics are available as much of production is smuggled across Lake Kivu to Rwanda, where it is bartered (a practice knows as ‘’troc’’) for animals and food supplies. This activity is undertaken at night in small boats and is very hazardous due to the winds and sudden storms on Lake Kivu.

Schluter (SA) Switzerland 2010 

Schluter SA is a family company founded in 1858, which specialises in African coffees, with a particular focus on the gourmet sector. Schluter’s trading office is based just outside Geneva in Switzerland.

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