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Peacebuilding Toolbox

CARE Nederland

In order to contribute to peaceful, just and stable societies, different strategies need to be combined into one, depending on the political, cultural and social context and possibilities on local, national and international level. 

With this toolbox CARE offers a source of inspiration, knowledge and a reference to those working on proposal development and project implementation on Peacebuilding. Referring specifically to local CARE country offices, CARE International members, CARE’s partners and possibly even other organizations that are confronted with the particular challenges of Peacebuilding in conflict and post-conflict settings. The toolkit offers examples of different Peacebuilding approaches within and outside CARE in order to ensure diversity.

The Peacebuilding Toolbox includes 13 Peacebuilding strategies, implemented by different CARE country offices and local partners, or by certain peer organizations. It offers a theoretical-and case-based guideline to analyze and define Peacebuilding interventions. The toolbox includes theoretical information, practical tools, as well as various references to background information.

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