Data-to-action: moving from real-time feedback to better public service delivery in East Africa

East Africa

Citizen feedback is essential in improving public service delivery. Think about the moment you go to a police station to report a crime, or bail out a friend. Or when you want to register your civil marriage or get a birth registration for your newborn. Such services are vital in the lives of people everywhere in the world. If we know where the pains are and where the opportunities lie for improvement, these services can become more efficient, fair and user-friendly. But how do we incentivise better service delivery once the feedback is gathered? In this paper SEMA shares ten important learnings about data-to-action for improved service delivery, based on a pilot with an innovative feedback system in Uganda. If you’re looking to implement real-time feedback tools and influence service delivery in the public sector in low-income countries or fragile states, this paper could be guiding your strategies.

Citizen Feedback Reports

As part of the project, SEMA conducted a number of citizen feedback reports on police stations in Uganda. Have a look at the outcomes below:

This report is part of a project funded by the Knowledge Management Fund.

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