Codifying spate water rights in contested basins in Afghanistan


This reconnaissance research report is based on spate irrigation systems of Nimruz province, which includes extensive study of irrigation site visits and interviews of different stakeholders in order to discover the most suitable information regarding water sharing and distribution and conflict sources and resolutions in this area. It can be used for future decision making bodies and further development of irrigation areas in this specific province.

In order to deepen understanding of key factors concerning watering system of farming plots, undertakers of the project interviewed a range of people, including those in charge of irrigation systems, farmers, mirabs and administrative staff of the local branch of the Ministry of Energy and Water of Nimruz province. The project made use of a prepared questionnaire that covered several conflict sources and resolution possibilities. This part of the research was further explained by classification of outcome data from aforementioned sources and gathering information about irrigation land sizes and owners, facilitating the development of an overall picture of the system.

In addition to aforementioned information and probes, the existing materials of the local branch of Ministry of Energy and Water were reviewed and considered in this part of researching, strengthening the current exploration of fact findings. Moreover, the research collected the main problems of respondents regarding irrigation systems of farming lands, as well as suggestions for these issues from mirabs and local office staff.

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