Stability and development

CIMIC - In Missions and Operations: Reflections on History, Current Affairs and Perspectives

Europe Middle East, North Africa, East Africa,
On behalf of NATO Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence
Iraq Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Somalia,

This book analyses the challenges to civil-military cooperation (CIMIC) during stabilization missions and humanitarian operations under NATO auspices. It examines how NATO CIMIC developed since the 1990s and addresses the ongoing challenges to comprehensive approaches in out-of-area missions. By presenting first-hand experiences and stories from civilian and military actors, this book offers an engaging, intriguing, and readable account of the current status of NATO CIMIC. Ample attention goes to discussing the (un-)intended effects of CIMIC in the field. and CCOE activities. CIMIC practices in different countries are highlighted to compare their efforts and results. This allows us to counter misperceptions on CIMIC that remain widespread.

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