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ARC Learning Brief: COVID-19 and Adaptive Programming

Addressing Root Causes
Burundi Ethiopia, South Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan,

The Addressing Root Causes (ARC) Fund of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands aims to tackle the root causes of armed conflict, instability and irregular migration. As part of the Addressing Root Causes global learning agenda, the “adaptive programming” learning group composed of Red een Kind, Oxfam Novib, Woord & Daad and the Knowledge Platform Security and Rule of Law, has developed this learning brief on how the ARC program is coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The ARC adaptive programming learning group sought, via a survey, inputs from ARC organizations with the objective of enriching the debate and broadening views and perspectives on how to improve adaptive programming in fragile and conflict affected settings, amidst pandemic.

This exercise aimed specifically, to collect insights on how ARC organizations are putting adaptive programming in practice in times of COVID-19, and to highlight how ARC partners are reinventing themselves to respond to the immediate needs linked to the crisis, and how they are using the said crisis as a source of innovation.

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