Justice and security

A training workshop for social workers at the Social Guidance Home for children in conflict with the law in the field of security, safety, first aid and emergency handling in cases of aerial bombardment.

Middle East
Democracy School

Child care centers in conflict with the law in Sana’a are exposed to various cases of security and safety violations, due to the lack of knowledge of the work team in those centers to deal with facilities and children in a way that guarantees their safety and save lives. In recent days, the city of Sana'a has been subjected to aerial bombardment by the Arab coalition aircraft.
Those raids had severe psychological effects on children in general, not to mention children in government detention centers, which may be adjacent to military targeting centers. The activity that we implemented as a first stage is a volunteer call for a specialist in the Yemeni Red Crescent to train workers in care and detention centers for children in conflict with the law.
The training lasted for five days and included two days of theoretical training, three days of practical training and an impact assessment test.
The materials included training on procedures related to occupational security and safety, first aid in cases of aerial bombardment, evacuation and other wise actions.

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