14 Nov

Unboxing Localisation Session VI

Organized by:Civil Society Platform for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding
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Innovative Funding for Local Peacebuilding Action: Walking the Talk

For this 6th Unboxing Localisation session, we dive deeper into the financial side of localization. Co-hosted by GPPAC, we’ll explore innovative financing tools and approaches (beyond just grantmaking) that foster local leadership and local ownership of peacebuilding initiatives.


As part of the ongoing efforts to advance the ‘localisation’ agenda that recognises the importance of meaningful engagement of local stakeholders to achieve sustainable and impactful peace, international donors, including the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are making efforts to promote fair, equitable, inclusive and non-extractive partnerships in the current aid system.

Since 2021, GPPAC has been contributing to these efforts by creating learning and exchange spaces for local peacebuilders, the donor community, and international finance experts to explore opportunities and challenges towards ensuring accessible and impactful funding for local peacebuilding action. In 2022, with the support of the Dutch Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law, GPPAC published a paper that presents concrete options to change the way donors and intermediaries distribute their financial support to peacebuilding with the aim of shifting power to local peacebuilders.

During session III of ‘Unboxing Localisation’ which focused on the concept of the ‘Chains Of Influence’, it was mentioned that innovative funding tools and approaches can help local ownership, especially when local actors are involved in the design of a program or policy, but also when funding structures and financial processes are developed.

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