15 Jun

Lessons from Land Programming in the Great Lakes Region

Organized by:Search for Common Ground

Read the one-pager of recommendations for land programming in the Great Lakes Region.

Read a summary of the meeting and the discussion.

The Knowledge Platform for Security and the Rule of Law in collaboration with Search for Common Ground will organize an Expert Meeting on:

How to Strengthen Prevention and Peaceful Resolution of Land Conflicts in the Great Lakes Region

In the Great Lakes Region, land is at the center of people’s livelihoods and identity. Land scarcity and ownership are key drivers of violent conflict in the area, often mitigated by local mediation mechanisms. This meeting will invite land experts – including policy-makers, practitioners and academics – to reflect on and exchange successful and less successful approaches to addressing land issues in this fragile region. To do that, participants will share lessons from their land programming, with a view to informing and improving future policies and programs.

Speakers will include Gemma van der Haar of WUR and Floride Ahitungiye of Search for Common Ground, with more to be confirmed.

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