07 Dec

KPAC23 Margins | Centres: Uptake in The Hague

Organized by:Secretariat of the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law
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In the follow-up of the Knowledge Platform Annual Conference in Nairobi (KPAC23), KPSRL is organising an event in The Hague on 7 December (12.00 – 17.30) in ‘Het Nutshuis’.

Just like in Nairobi, the theme will be ‘Margins | Centers’. The day’s goals are:

  • Uptake of recommendations and conclusions from KPAC23 in Nairobi, by translating these to the policy and INGO realities in The Hague.
  • Identifying possible points of divergence between discussions in Nairobi and The Hague and what needs to happen to bring these closer to each other. This should be fed back to Nairobi participants too.
  • Making voices heard in The Hague from those that normally can’t access KPAC – so the Nairobi region.
  • Connect partners in The Hague.
  • Providing accountability towards the Nairobi event. This to ensure it wasn’t an extractive exercise, but actually leads towards uptake.

The audience will consist of appx. 70 SRoL professionals, varying from researchers to practitioners and policy makers. A few partners from FCAS that contributed to the Nairobi event will be represented.

The full agenda can be found below, but a taste of the topics that will be discussed: inclusive SRoL support in backsliding democratic times, discussing the findings of the Unboxing Localisation trajectory, improving people-centered approaches to security provision and working in contexts of authoritarianism.

This year, we learned that bringing artwork to our events has been deeply appreciated by the KPSRL network. Integrating art into our work helps to bring human emotions and creative expression back into the policies and programmes that we're working on in the SRoL and peacebuilding sectors. Therefore, we very excited to spotlight three artists at our event, whose work will be exhibited at the venue. 
Minal Naomi
Yves Kulondwa
Nastassja Nefjodov

Nastassja Nefjodov is a visual German-Russian artist based in Amsterdam. Her work delves into the traumatic effects of war within her family, revealing the intricate connections between the past and her own life. Through sharing these narratives, she aims to break the stigma surrounding discussions about the lasting impact of war on families and personal relationships.

Minal & Yves are part of the Artists’ Safe Haven residency (Justice & Peace Netherlands):
The Artists’ Safe Haven residency is intended for worldwide artists or art practitioners who, as part of their artwork, address or promote human rights in non-violent ways, and are threatened or otherwise under pressure due to their work or activism.

The residency offers a three month stay in The Hague. A safe and inspiring space where artists can rest, restrategise, build capacities and networks and find new platforms for their work and message.

You can register below. Please mind that there is a maximum of two participants per organisation.

Please click here for the final agenda and here for the concept note.

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Het Nutshuis
Riviervismarkt 5 2513 AM Den Haag