08 Nov

KPAC23: Margins | Centres of Security & Rule of Law

Organized by:Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law; IDLO
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Implications for SRoL’s contributions to social cohesion and just social contracts

Marginalised identities and perspectives are often not heard nor valued by those who sit at the centres. By contrast, those in the margins must understand the perspectives and language of those at the centres to be heard, or even survive. This insight is key to move the discussion ahead on SRoL’s contribution to social cohesion and just social contracts. 

Dynamics between centres and margins of power and privilege influence SRoL policy and programming across a multitude of binaries. These include capitals v. border regions, majority vs minority clans, mainstream v. marginalised political views, armed actors v. unarmed communities, elites v. ‘the people’, consortium leads v. consortium members, refugee camps v. host communities, cis-men v. marginalised gender identities, dominant racial and ethnic identities v. marginalised ones, well-served neighbourhoods v. degraded ones, and geopolitically dominant actors v. weaker ones.

Do we need to flip things around and shift where the centres are, moving from centres of power to centres of needs? Would this unlock the contribution that SRoL institutions and mechanisms can add to just social contracts and social cohesion?

KPAC23 will be a moment to take stock of the network’s knowledge on this question, discuss new insights and test current practices.

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This year's Annual Conference will take place in Nairobi and The Hague.

Nairobi dates: 8-10 November, 2023 (with the main event on the 9th)

The Hague date: 7 December, 2023


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