19 Sep

INTERFACES - 3rd Annual Conference

Organized by:Van Vollenhove Institute, Leiden Law School

The 3rd annual INTERFACES conference will bring together researchers and practitioners from the Global South and North to look at the role of law in addressing problems of development and governance.

The key problems of development with which we are concerned are insecurity, poverty, inequality, disease, illiteracy, environmental degradation, social oppression, cultural alienation. In terms of governance, the conference will look at issues such as failing states, authoritarianism, public mismanagement, corruption, and legal uncertainty. Such problems are even more complex in fragile and conflict-affected settings where state institutions are not able to provide justice and security to their citizens and where non-state actors may - take over these functions. For the program please see: http://www.leidenlawconference.nl.

Many researchers have already registered, but more practitioners are welcome! Especially the plenary sessions and the working groups will be of interest to them. Practitioners are in principle not required to pay a conference fee and should register by sending an e-mail to interfaces@law.leidenuniv.nl before the 10th of September 2018. Those practitioners who want to attend the whole programme, should register through the conference website and will pay the regular fee.

Researchers may register through http://www.leidenlawconference.nl

The conference is made possible in part by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Leiden University Centre for the Study of Islam and Society, and LeidenGlobal.

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Museum Volkenkunde, Leiden
Steenstraat 1, Leiden, Netherlands
Read more about the Conference here.