12 Jan

Informing SRoL Policies in a 'News-Freak' Era: The experience of research organizations

Organized by:GRIP & Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law
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The COVID-19 pandemic has recalled the importance of producing and bringing compelling knowledge to the policymaking process. Both policymakers and State’s agencies need knowledge to frame, assess, anticipate decide or implement policies. But neither of these two are necessarily tasked, staffed or trained to produce such knowledge, thereby relying at varying degrees on non-State organizations such as research centers, think-tanks and NGOs.

While economic and development policies have long been explored by these non-State knowledge providers, 21st century developments towards global governance have opened a ‘knowledge race’ to the State’s traditional strongholds such as security, rule-of-law and defence. Over the last years, the delicate task of building knowledge on these sovereign issues has been further complicated by the outburst of ‘alternative’ or fake news which saturated the information market and blurred the lines between opinions and facts.

Thus, this webinar explores how research organizations can inform sensitive SRoL and defence policies.


  • Explore the steps to build knowledge and present it to policymakers, based on GRIP experience.
  • Discuss how to build confidence with policymakers when sharing knowledge on SRoL matters.
  • Explore the tools to ‘look beyond’ policymakers and support social acceptance of SRoL policies.


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