25 Mar

Expert Consultation Synthesizing Program Results Information

Organized by:International Development Law Organization (IDLO)

Background and Concept

Development partners are under pressure to account for their overall performance and demonstrate results towards their strategic objectives. In addition, there is a need to learn from what works and what does not, in order to inform choices at the strategic level. To facilitate these accountability and learning processes, many development partners have adopted agency-level results frameworks and specific systems for monitoring, reporting on, and learning from, agency-level results. The development and implementation of these systems have proven to be challenging, especially for development partners working in the Rule of Law sector, due to the complexity of international rule of law assistance.

Both the Department of Stabilization and Humanitarian Aid (DSH) at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and IDLO worked in 2019 on their approaches for synthesizing, and reporting on, program results information. DSH developed its Results Framework (RF) in 2018 and started revising the indicators underlying its RF in 2019. To support this exercise and further reflect upon its approach for synthesizing program information, it organized dialogue sessions with implementing partners on "aggregation & synthesis" in the summer of 2019. However, the focus in the results framework remains on quantitative indicators to be measured at the project level. More qualitative results, or results from their policy influencing efforts, are not being systemically collected and analyzed yet.

IDLO adopted its agency-level Results Framework in 2018 and drafted specific processes for synthesizing, and reporting on, program results information in 2019. In support of these activities, it organized an expert consultation on Monitoring practices in the RoL sector in 2018.

This expert consultation on "synthesizing program results information" will build on the previous dialogue and expert sessions and will focus on exchanging experiences with developing and implementing approaches for synthesizing program results information.



This expert consultation organized by IDLO and the Dutch MFA brings together monitoring, evaluation, learning and reporting experts of development agencies that operate in the rule of law sector. The aim of the consultation is to share lessons learned, challenges encountered, and possible solutions when developing and implementing approaches for synthesizing program results information. The consultation will mainly focus on qualitative synthesizing approaches, instead of on standardized indicator based approaches, as the latter have received more attention during previous events.

Please note that this is a closed event. If you are interested in learning more, you may contact IDLO for more information (idlo@idlo.int).


IDLO, Conference Room
IDLO, Conference Room, 3rd Floor Hofweg 9E, 2511 AA The Hague