15 Sep

A meta-analysis of the Dialogue and Dissent Strategic Partnerships Sense-making workshop

Organized by:Secretariat of the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law


From 2016-2020, the Department for Stabilization and Humanitarian Aid (DSH) of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs managed five Dialogue and Dissent Strategic Partnerships, for lobbying and advocacy purposes, together with CARE Nederland, CORDAID, GPPAC, NIMD and PAX. All programs have been evaluated, which led to interesting insights on what the programs delivered, how the partnership worked, and what the challenges have been. A meta-analysis exercise focusing on some relevant findings and conclusions of the evaluations is currently being conducted to find out whether some common lessons can be learned across the programs. The exercise also aims to determine how such lessons can also be used for the new partnerships of DSH under Power of Voices, possible new (SRoL) policies, the Theory of Change and finally for portfolio management. The meta-analysis aims to be a joint exercise of Dialogue and Dissent partner organizations and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the technical facilitation of the Knowledge Platform Security and Rule of Law.

Building from the results of the meta-analysis exercise, a sense-making workshop to discuss key findings will be held on September 15th, 2021. Participants will dive deep into the meta-analysis findings and discuss recommendations and the uptake process for future programming and policy-making.

Please click here to download the full concept note.

Guiding Questions

  1. How was learning embedded in the programs (TOC development, learning agenda development, learning agenda implementation)? How and to what extent did this lead to (good practices of) adaptive programming in fragile contexts? What were the challenges and what contribution did adaptive programming have on better results?
  1. How did the (strategic nature of the) partnership concept work, with specific attention to the role that MFA HQs and the embassies played?; including on how an enabling environment was created for learning and adaptation.


In case of questions, please send an email to Giorgio Ferrari at G.Ferrari@kpsrl.org or Messina Laurette MANIRAKIZA at M.Manirakiza@kpsrl.org.

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