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We're hiring: independent consultant(s) to conduct Mid-Term Review


The Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law is looking for one or more consultants to conduct its independent Mid-Term Review (MTR).




The MTR is intended to assess progress towards the project’s goal and outcomes as specified in the KPSRL’s project documents (with a focus on the Theory of Change and the Results Framework). It should highlight early signs of project success and/or failure and any unexpected outcomes. The MTR will also focus on process, aiming to establish how and why certain results have been achieved (or not been achieved), aiming to pinpoint specific learning about what works and what does not.

The Review will cover the duration of the second iteration of the KPSRL, from its starting date in January 2017 to the estimated MTR date in May 2019. The MTR will serve as a management tool to provide the KPSRL Secretariat team, the Consortium Partners and the Advisory Committee with an account of results achieved at the time of reporting, and to provide guidance for the remaining period of the project.

The consultancy is for a period of approximately 25 working days, which is expected to start in May 2019.

The following deliverables will be expected:

  • An inception report, with refined evaluation questions, work plan and timetable for the MTR to be approved by the MTR Reference Group;
  • A draft report, including preliminary findings and recommendations, which will be validated through an appropriately inclusive process to be agreed by the MTR Reference Group and the Consultant(s);
  • A final report of not more than 30 pages with findings and recommendations.

To apply, please provide a professional CV, an Expression of Interest of no more than two pages, and a budget and daily fee rate (for an eight hour working day), accompanied by at least two example samples of written reports, on the KPSRL website or click the link below. The deadline for submission is 23:59 CEST on Tuesday 30 April 2019.