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Upcoming and Ongoing Research Projects having Directly and Indirectly to do with EthnoGeoPolitics: Announcements, Updates and Preliminary Observations

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We continue to face outbreaks of new variants of the Covid-19 corona virus across the world, particularly due to ineffective, even disastrous policies of denial and belated responses or simply lack of capacities to roll out massive vaccination campaigns. Naturally many of our (advisory) board-members, editors and regular contributors to our journal—who reside in many of the most seriously affected countries spread around the world—have had to prioritise their own safety and those of their loved ones. We wish them and their families and friends all the best, and like in our preceding Editorial offer them our deepest condolences for their suffering and loss (Ten Dam & Rezvani 2020: 9).

Despite the aforementioned situation(s), some members of our Association for the Study of EthnoGeoPolitics (EGP) and our journal—including both co-authors of this current Editorial—have been able to set up and continue with multiple research-and-publication projects having directly or indirectly to do with the burgeoning field of ethnogeopolitics (EGP). As the following description of three of these projects concerns this field as a discipline or rather multidiscipline, this Editorial simultaneously serves as this issue’s developments-in-the-field section. Indeed EGP is relevant in helping to account for kinship bonds and other traditional identities and cultures.

Such bonds, identities and cultures are the topics in varying degrees in the following three research projects through (members of our) EGP association, the first two conceived and led by Caspar ten Dam and the third by Zhang Shi: a) Extended Families, Clans and other Kinship Groups in Present-day Societies (see esp. Ten Dam 2019); b) Ethnic and Kinship Bonds as Challenges of EU Enlargement in South-East Europe (Ibid); and c) European Cultures and Cultures in European Countries based on a book proposal by Zhang Shi (see Shi 2021).

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