The Importance of SSR on the Predicament of COVID, Coups, Conflict and Climate Change


The COVID-19 pandemic, the renewed rise of coups and authoritarianism, the return of conflict to the European continent and looming security impacts of the climate crisis, have all highlighted the growing need for joint international efforts to safeguard people’s security, human rights and access to justice has become more urgent than ever.

These recent developments, which we will call the 4Cs (Covid-19, Coups, Conflict and Climate Change), have led to a drastic increase in irregular migration, extremism and organized crime, fueled by food insecurity and natural resources’ increased scarcity. The Ukraine war and economic consequences of the pandemic have brought crisis to the European doorstep. To prevent conflict overspill and the destabilization of entire new regions, human security, community resilience and strengthening social cohesion and the social contract should become pivotal to international engagement, not only from a partner countries’ perspective but also for European national and regional security.

This blog was originally published on ISSAT Community of Practice.

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