State of the World and our Research Projects related to EthnoGeoPolitics: Observations on the Conundrum of Identities, Interests and Resolutions of Conflict by Diplomacy, Deterrence—or War

Clingendael CRU and Knowledge Platform Security& Rule of Law
Bosnia-Herzegovina Ukraine, China,

All too often ethnogeopolitics manifests itself in instability, pandemics and violence, and many of our
fellow researchers, scholars and academics still find themselves in the midst of it. Think of the current warnings, threats and counter-threats of sanctions, violence, supporting secession and even invasion by
rivalling nations from East and West—either implicitly or explicitly, obliquely or bluntly—regarding the current and future status of countries like Ukraine, Bosnia and Taiwan. All these crises and potential
wars in and against these countries exhibit ethnogeopolitical components.

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