Reimagine Stability and Development in Africa - Roundtable Report

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

On Friday 30 September, KPSRL organized a roundtable together with UNDP and the Dutch MFA on their stabilization approaches in politically volatile or sensitive contexts, esp. in the Sahel and West Africa.

Amongst others, the advice was to stay engaged with governments during volatile transitions; focus on the content of reform and inclusive governance, instead of the kneejerk reaction to cut ties or only work with non-government actors at a local level.

On the humanitarian-peace-development nexus and localisation, participants stated that technocratic labels of humanitarian aid, stabilization and development hinder localized approaches. Focus instead on the ‘how’ of jointly identifying needs and co-creating solutions and work from there, thereby strengthening the nexuses.

Unlock the potential of regional actors in providing a guide for or a check on national governments, especially in a time where multilateral organizations are rebalancing.

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