Gender and conflict

Recorded Expert Session Videos: "Women, Peace and Security & Religion"


Please take a look at the amazing Expert Sessions on WPS & Religion: 

Video 1: Keynote speech by Azza Karam

Watch this first video in a series on ‘Religion and the Women, Peace and Security agenda’ and get inspired by a keynote speech by Azza Karam (Secretary General Religions for Peace International), with an introduction by Laila al-Zwaini (Arabist and Legal Scholar).

Video 2: Face to Face – Kaouthar Darmoni and Jo Douma on the Women, Peace and Security agenda

Kaouthar Darmoni (Atria) and Jos Douma (Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs) discuss the pressing topic of: ‘harnessing the potential of religion to improve opportunities for women in the most fragile contexts’.

Video 3: Panel discussion with Florence Andrew, Mary Akrami, Janneke Stegeman and Rick van der Woud

Through a virtual panel discussion Florence Andrew (Support Trust for African Development), Mary Akrami (Afghan Women’s Network), Janneke Stegeman (Mensen met een Missie/Vrije Universiteit) and Rick van der Woud (Mensen met een Missie) share their experiences and views on the role of religion in the Women, Peace and Security agenda.

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