Peace Security and Development Network: Summary research project

The Peace, Security and Development Network

This document provides a summary of an applied research project on Multi-Stakeholder Processes (MSPs), service delivery and state institutions. It is part of the ‘Knowledge Network for Peace, Security and Development’.

The objective of the project is first to generate insight in the cooperation between multiple state and non-state actors for the improvement and the delivery of basic services and utilities, and second to study how such cooperation contributes to the legitimacy of state institutions. The findings will be translated into recommendations for policy makers, practitioners and (international) donors on the question of how multi-stakeholder processes can strengthen the legitimacy of state-institutions.

Peace Security and Development Network 2010  

This publication is an outcome of the in 2008 established ‘Network for Peace, Security and Development’. The Network aims to
support and encourage the sharing of expertise and cooperation between the different Dutch sectors and organisations involved
in fragile states. The PSD Network is an initiative under the Schokland Agreements in 2007.


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