Effective interventions Post-2015

Paperless People Podcast

Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion; Virtual Federal University (Myanmar)
Dominican Republic

Imagine having no recognized identity – not belonging – being excluded. Even the basic things in life – getting a job, seeing a doctor, going to school, owning a house – are blocked for you. It is a life of uncertainty in which you dangle in a precarious legal limbo. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals have set the target of getting everybody registered so they can prove their legal identity. Sounds great in principle, but are the right decisions being made? And is there a danger that well intentioned policies could leave the most marginalized and vulnerable locked into invisibility and exclusion? In the Paperless People Podcast we explore these questions with stories from around the world and expert analysis. We look closely at how legal identity and statelessness are interacting, zooming into three countries: Serbia, India and the Dominican Republic. And talk about current attempts to try and tackle statelessness. Listen to the podcasts and find out more. The Paperless People Podcast is an initiative of the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion, supported by the Knowledge Management Fund of the Knowledge Platform Security and Rule of Law.

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