COVID-19 Impact on the CRU Policy Brief Value Chain – Conceptual paper

Clingendael CRU and Knowledge Platform Security& Rule of Law

The COVID-19 pandemic engulfing countries around the world has caused massive suffering and loss of life. The economic impact of the virus is also becoming increasingly clear. This policy brief explores the impact of COVID-19 on employment and livelihoods in developing countries, across and along value chains. It seeks to explore qualitatively how COVID-19 impacts different kinds of employment across different value chains, and how it affects women and youth. It conducts a high-level assessment of which value chains are affected, who in the value chain is affected and what the impact on livelihoods and labour rights might be. It especially highlights how demand declines and operational constraints will affect the labour position of marginalised workers, and considers how this impacts (local) trade unions and the Netherlands.

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