Armistice Plan / Civil Rights Protection

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With the beginning of this year, the Democracy School developed a communication and coordination plan with government institutions closely related to civil rights (Ministry of Justice - Ministry of Human Rights - Ministry of Interior - Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood - Social Guidance House for Juvenile Child) The plan aims to put the country's needs in the current situation according to For problems related to the protection of human rights and the protection of freedoms. The project follows steps to mitigate violations of civil rights and freedoms by strengthening communication and partnership between government institutions and civil society organizations, especially as Yemen is going through a stage of armistice and peace. The project is in line with the plans of government institutions to activate unremitting efforts to prevent grave violations, especially against women and children. The project focuses on revitalizing initiatives for girls (graduates of the Faculty of Law) in various Yemeni governorates, revitalizing interventions related to women and children being subjected to arbitrary detention, and providing legal support on a voluntary basis.
Democracy School runs the Social and Legal Defense Center for juvenile children and provides psychological, social and legal support in coordination with the Social Guidance House. We seek through this project to increase the effectiveness of the center to be dynamic and include children in conflict with the law, women at risk, gender-based violence and focus on the field in providing care Subsequent (beyond the period of detention) and providing legal support to war-affected families, especially communities in displacement camps.

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