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Addressing Root Causes (ARC Programme): Final Report

Addressing Root Causes

This report is the outcome of a review process that has involved a wide range of stakeholders, both in the Netherlands and in a selection of six countries where the Addressing Root Causes (ARC) programme is being implemented. Ecorys would like to acknowledge the support provided for the realization of this Mid-Term Review (MTR).

We want to thank the Department of Stabilisation and Humanitarian Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Netherlands for facilitating the conduction of the review. Staff from both the Ecorys Security and Justice Unit and the International Development Unit have been involved in different stages of the review. In particular, we recognize the important in-house support provided by Federica Genna, Suzan Sidal, Gabrielle op ‘t Hoog and Hannah Fazio. Rafi Popal, Afnan Al Wahsh and Massaran Traoré supported in the conduction of fieldwork in Afghanistan, Jordan and Mali, respectively. Anneke Slob played an invaluable role as quality assurer throughout implementation of the review as well as on the draft and final report. Finally, Ecorys would like to thank all staff from ARC implementing partners, Embassies and other development partners who have been interviewed within the scope of the MTR for their critical insights.

The final report has been authored by Rens Twijnstra, Valentijn Wortelboer and Marije Balt.

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