30 Sep

Webinar: Sustainable, Inclusive and Gender-Sensitive Community Structures in Somalia

Organized by:Saferworld and Secretariat of the Knowledge Platform Security and Rule of Law
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Somali women in Somalia are agents of change in cross-clan dynamics and play a significant, yet unrecognised, role in both conflict and peace, at times driving violent responses in support of clan interests. They often have multiple clan identities; while women themselves are not a homogenous group and are often themselves be divided by clan, this may also allow them to negotiate solutions or navigate avenues towards peaceful resolution of conflict that may not be available to men. There is evidence that when involved in clan processes, women have acted as intermediaries between opposing clans. Their formal role, however, is often transactional and tokenistic and, while the legitimacy and effectiveness of traditional, clan-based security and dispute resolution mechanisms is to some extent waning, the gendered norms through which they function have remained embedded in Somali society. Women have also been shown to reinforce notions of masculinity associated with violence and revenge. 

Through this webinar, Saferworld and KPSRL aim to share lessons on how communities in securitized environment can implement and utilize existing capacities to respond to  different security needs like SGBV management and conflict prevention in a gender and conflict sensitive manner.

The webinar is part of Addressing Root Causes (ARC) learning online series aiming to sstrengthen relationships among   the   ARC   grantees   and   create connections and linkages across of the ARC projects, engage with pertinent issues of collaborative learning and explore  pathways  to strengthen  collaborative  and  creative  action  in learning  for  a  better  knowledge  uptake  in  programming  and  policy.

Key questions to be addressed

  • Programme design/implementation & impact:
    • To what extent are CAFs able to work on addressing root causes?
  • How do we improve efficiency of the programme?
  • What does sustainability look like for this work?


Maryam Abdi, Saferworld's ARC Programme Manager in Somalia

Amina Arale Somali Women Development Centre Advocacy Lead

Q&A moderated by the KPSRL


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