22 Nov

To adapt or to be irrelevant: shifting security and justice programming into higher gear

Organized by:Secretariat of the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law

This Interactive Brainstorm looks at "adaptive programming", the ability to flexibly develop and adjust programmatic objectives, activities and resources to achieve a program's strategic aim(s) in reflection of political developments and programmatic experiences.

Read the news item on this event here.

The brainstorm is the closing event of a series on adaptive programming with the aim to develop a practical work program for the organizational changes that bilateral and multilateral donors as well as international non-governmental organizations have to make, to turn the concept of ‘adaptive programming’ into an effective and operational reality for interventions that seek to improve the state of security and justice in conflict-prone environments.

The program for this Interactive Brainstorm can be found here.


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For more information on the event, contact Alies Rijper of the Platform Secretariat.



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