19 Jun

Implementer Dialogue: Political Economy Analysis

Organized by:Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law; IDLO
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Conducting a Political Economy Analysis (PEA) is one tool that can be utilized to understand and support the design and implementation of politically feasible programs, by setting informed objectives of what can be achieved, over what timescale and the risks involved.

IDLO and KPSRL are organizing an Implementer Dialogue to learn from experts and organizational pilot initiatives about the relevance and importance of engaging with the PEA for security and rule of law strategies and programs, as a continual and iterative process. The ID will deconstruct how, when, why and with what purpose the PEA can be used as an analytical tool and framework for program design and implementation, identifying key challenges, opportunities, experiences and risks. The dialogue will provide an opportunity to share IDLO’s experience of engaging with its own institutional guidelines on PEA, which were recently piloted and applied in Somalia and Morocco.                                                      

This ID aims to convene development practitioners, implementers and policy makers in order to disseminate expert knowledge and practical experience on adaptive programming, with a specific focus on engaging with the PEA as an analytical tool to formulate high-impact and high-quality security and rule of law programming. 

The following questions will be addressed:

  • PEAs as an iterative process: How to determine the right timing and the right strategy to feed into program design, planning, reviews or other decisions?
  • How to make sure that PEA is a living and breathing process woven into everyday practice? 
  • How do we ensure that the PEA remains relevant in the environment of constant political change - and therefore also how do we ensure that programs remain relevant?

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