05 Feb

Exploring the Role of Tools for Programmatic Learning

Organized by:Propel & Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law
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Are you passionate about advancing programmatic learning? Join us at KPSRL and Propel in our innovative research project "Tools for Programmatic Learning" on 5 February from 15:30-17:00 (CET).

Objective of the research: The Programmatic Learning Instrument (PLI) is a funding instrument of the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law (KPSRL) to support programmatic learning across security and rule of law programming. As part of the PLI, the KPSRL is currently running pilots and commissioning a study to enhance their understanding of how approaches to programmatic learning can and should be structured to effectively contribute to quality and impact of programmes. Our joint research endeavour seeks to deepen the understanding of using tools - such as Propel - within the realm of the Security and Rule of Law (SRoL) sector and their role for programmatic learning.

Project FocusWith this research collaboration, we aim to uncover the role of tools in programmatic and organisational learning. We aim to address key questions, such as: "What role do tools play in the SRoL sector's programmatic and organisational learning?" and "How can the integration of digital tools, including Propel, within the PLI framework be optimised for enhanced learning, collaboration, and impactful outcomes?"

Why participate?

By participating in this project, you will have the chance to: 

1)     Exchange Insights: Collaborate with peers on the topic of programmatic learning and innovative approach to learning, specifically in the SRoL sector to exchange ideas and insights.

2)     Deepen Understanding: Gain a profound understanding of both organisational and programmatic learning. During this first session, you can contribute your own learning questions that you have wanted to uncover for us to investigate throughout this project.

3)     Explore Tools: Discover how complementary tools like Propel and approaches used in the Programmatic Learning Instrument can support learning processes. We will invite you to follow along with our progress and explore the findings with us.

How to join?
We invite you to join the kick-off of this research project. We invite partners and organisations in the network of KPSRL to join us in validating our learning questions as well as contribute their feedback and insights. On 5 February, 2024, we will hold a 90 minutes online collaborative exploration session and invite you to join us. Please click here to download the concept note.

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