23 Sep

ARC Webinar: Real Time Evaluation for Learning

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The ARC Burundi - Nyubahiriza project is in its final year (2020). It is a challenging year with focused learning, a final evaluation and closure/sustainability considerations intersecting with elections.

The prevailing political and security context makes reliable data collection extremely difficult and complicated. Both the baseline and mid-term evaluation acknowledged weak credibility of data, mainly as a result of bias and self-censorship. With this in mind, Oxfam Novib has undertaken a proactive approach to end line MEL by conducting a real time evaluation (RTE) in early 2020.

Through this webinar, Oxfam Novib aims to share key lessons on real-time evaluation (RTE) conducted as part of its ARC program in Burundi. The webinar will outline why an RTE is a useful tool while implementing programs in volatile settings and practical steps and tips to take into consideration in the process.  

The webinar is part of Addressing Root Causes (ARC) learning online series aiming to strengthen relationships among   ARC   grantees   and  create connections and linkages across ARC projects and beyond, engage with pertinent issues of learning and explore pathways for collaborative  and  creative  action  in learning  for  a  better  knowledge  uptake  in  programming  and  policy.


Drawing from RTE’s experience of ARC Nyubahiriza program in Burundi, the webinar will:

  • Discuss the usefulness of conducting real-time evaluations (when to use it and how it works);
  • Highlight the challenges that come with conducting real time evaluations;
  • Present the real time evaluation as a tool for learning action (and how to use it to bridge the learning gap between monitoring outcomes and the final evaluation).
  • Linking the RTE to learnings from the ARC Regional Learning Symposium  - Africa 2020


Lauren Burrows, Oxfam Novib, The Netherlands

Bonaventure Nzisabira, Oxfam Burundi

Q&A moderated by the KPSRL


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