Research consortium

  • Main applicant: Professor G.E. Frerks (Utrecht University, the Netherlands) 
  • Co-applicant: Ms A. Omar (Women’s commission Rojava, Syria)

Project information

This research project focuses on the bottom-up, female-led peace and reconstruction processes in the Kurdish region of northern Syria. The political and economic roles that women are playing in peace and reconstruction processes are the focal point of analysis. Specifically, the efforts being made by local women and women's organisations in delivering social services, security, and good governance in this fragile and conflict-affected environment. Through this research entry-points for development organizations will be identified to tailor their efforts to the local needs of women in the region in a conflict and gender-sensitive way. Furthermore, based on the data collected, a policy brief, and a conflict and gender-sensitive policy framework will be developed that will not only offer evidence-based knowledge on the nexus between gender and non-state actors, but which will also provide a practical tool to enhance development efforts in the region. The policy framework, although based on context-specific knowledge gained from fieldwork in Syrian Kurdistan, will offer recommendations on how to better evaluate and support women's agency in peace and reconstruction efforts in other fragile and conflict-affected regions.

Project results