Research consortium

  • Main applicant: Dr. C.E. Rebusora Echavez (Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit, Afghanistan)
  • Co-applicant: Mrs L. Linke (The Liaison Office, Afghanistan)

Project information

The main goal of the Afghan researcher-practitioner consortium is to produce an evidence-based policy advice and tools to improve the approach to transitional justice as part of the peace process in Afghanistan aiming to strengthen the legitimacy and capability of the government in the long run. The consortium includes AREU, an Afghan research and policy organization, and TLO, a practitioner organization, bringing together the needed expertise to bridge the gap between research on transitional justice and its usage in peace building activities. The project's innovative approach focuses on communities' perspectives, including women, at a time when transitional justice is extremely relevant in light of the current negotiations on future peace talks. Additionally, it will use a positive deviance research to identify 'positive drivers of change' in the communities. The proposed approach proactively addresses a plethora of stakeholders with the policy brief developed through the evidence-base research reflected in a conflict-sensitive tool that stakeholders are trained on and can apply in their contexts. Apart from the policy brief and the conflict sensitive tool, audio/visual tools will be employed to raise awareness and sensitize communities and other stakeholders to the need for conflict?sensitive approaches to transitional justice in the peace process. 

Project results