Research consortium

  • Main applicant: Dr M.N. Abi Yaghi (Lebanon Support, Lebanon)
  • Co-applicant: I.Slavova (International Alert, Lebanon)

Project information

Whilst there is significant amount of research on the security implications and perceived threat of the Syrian refugee crisis , there is a dearth of data on the emerging phenomena of curfews and vigilant patrols. This project will examine security measures applied in Lebanon in the context of the Syrian crisis and use evidence to inform policies on refugee protection and rule of law programming in hybrid security systems. The research will focus on three areas with distinct confessional/socio-economic characteristics and explore types and interaction of formal and informal security providers ensuring security for Lebanese communities in the light of perceived threats posed by Syrian refugees. The research will test the assumption that informal security actors fill a gap left by weak state institutions and include a comparative component with Jordan. The findings and policy recommendations will be shared with organisations working on refugee protection, human rights and, security and justice reform.

Project results